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Whether you hear calming music or quiet voices reading stories; see a lively game of peek-a-boo or an art project being created with tiny handprints, you can be sure you’ve entered our baby room. Our experienced teachers know just what to do to provide a safe, loving environment in which your baby can develop, grow and explore.

Stimulating our infants with one-on-one attention, providing age-appropriate learning experiences, and allowing our infants and toddlers to enjoy the fresh air, will provide you with the peace of mind you need when your child is not with you.


A toddler’s view on the world seems to be simple: what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine. As children move through toddlerhood they begin to learn everything from respect for others and their property, to recognizing their names and identifying colors.

We help to enrich language and vocabulary skills through daily activities such as group time and simple conversations between friends and teachers. They develop their creative side at this very busy stage through activities such as dramatic play, art, and block building. Potty training is also introduced and encouraged at this stage.

We strive to create an atmosphere where the children are able to begin making choices, develop self-help skills, and move from parallel play to cooperative play. Those first friendships are very important, and help to make “school” a fun place to be.


For our pre-Kindergarteners, our specialized curriculum to prepare for Kindergarten involves a whole language and phonetic approach to pre-reading and reading skills that is integrated into our weekly thematic units, journal writing and learning centers. We believe children learn to read by reading so there is a great deal of shared reading and individual reading done in a print rich environment. We are also currently implementing the Wilson Fundation’s Program in combination with Lexia Learning Software to help develop our future readers and have seen first hand the wonderful progress the children make when using these programs together. Additional academic centers such as art, science, math and computers help children participate in a full day of learning, socialization and fun!

Preschool Curriculum

Curriculum and lesson plans are developed by our preschool teachers and meet and/or exceed the Connecticut State Standards. Our six preschool teachers have an impressive combined 75 years experience teaching in early childcare.

All lesson plans include a different theme each week. Included in the themes are sign in, group time, art, story time, music, handwriting, creative writing, math, language arts, science, gross motor and fine motor activities. Field trips and visitors also enhance our preschool curriculum. It’s a full day of fun while learning!

Why choose our preschool program?
Our ratios are significantly better than any preschool program! In two of our preschool programs our teacher to student ratio is consistently better than 1:8 which is remarkably better than the state standard of 1:10.

Our six preschool teachers have a combined 75 years experience teaching children ages two through kindergarten with a proven track record!

The curriculum will be overseen by our Directors. Each one of them has taught preschool for over 20 years! One of our Directors has even had the opportunity to teach Kindergarten students as well. We are confident that with this experience, our Directors are extremely knowledgeable of the standards that the 4-year-olds will need to meet and exceed for their future kindergarten success.

School Age

Our school-age program consists of before school and after school care. Before school, children are given a safe, quiet place to prepare for their day. Whether it is last minute guidance with a project, preparation for a test, or time to relax and read a book, our teachers are prepared to help.

After school care includes time for homework, an organized game or individual activities such as computers or crafts. All are carefully supervised, giving you peace of mind while you are at work.

This care is provided for children in the Yalesville and Highland School District and children attending Holy Trinity. (Transportation is provided to and from school by Durham School Services.)

Summer Camp

Our mission is to encourage a cooperative environment that focuses on the camper’s social, emotional, and physical development. We want campers to experience all aspects of learning while participating in a variety of fun and engaging activities that promote a great environment for your child! Our Camp Leaders bring lots of enthusiasm to ensure a summer full of fun, creativity and learning.

Daily Routine (theme based)

  • Mini lessons
  • Games
  • Field Trips
  • Peer led game or art project
  • Visitors
  • Water play
  • Organized free play

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