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The early childhood educators at Creative Beginnings Learning Center are observers, challengers, and provokers of ideas. They are partners in learning, researchers, and co-investigators. They are masters in early childhood education and dedicate great energy to listening to the child and documenting the child’s experiences. Aided by low student-to-teacher ratios, the interaction between teachers and children is an endless spiral of ideas, observations, and provocations. Our school strives to hire educators with associate degrees or Bachelor’s. We are lucky enough to have ten teachers that have been employed with us for 10 years or more!

Parents as Our Partners

Parents are a crucial factor in our program. In fact, parents are our partners. Our teachers understand and respect that parents are their children’s first teacher. Their involvement in the school gives their children a sense of security and is deeply appreciated. We recognize that stable, quality relationships during the early years are fundamental for later developmental outcomes. Collaboration between teachers, parents and the children is an integral part of the educational experience at Creative Beginnings Learning Center.

Our goal is not simply to build a strong, warm and nurturing connection with each child, but to extend that connection to our community of parents. By working in a collaborative group setting, children learn critical life skills such as compromise, reasoning, respect for others’ opinions and enhancement of their sense of community.

Through these partnerships, children benefit from experiencing many of the same principles at home that they do in school and thrive with this consistency. Teachers also offer frequent support to our families and our communities through transparency and by being a source of information about educating a whole child and the various aspects of development.

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Safety and Security

Creative Beginnings Learning Center prides itself on providing a safe and nurturing environment for children’s enjoyment and parent peace of mind. All doors entering and exiting the building are controlled by electronic locks. Each parent is issued a unique PIN used to enter the building.

Creative Beginnings Learning Center is committed to providing the highest level of safety for your child. In addition to the safety features of our facility mentioned above, we are proud to share that all of our employees are trained in first aid. Staff is also certified on CPR, First Aid, Medication Administration and Epipen.

Community Service

As part of our philosophy and educational approach, we believe it is essential to make visible the fact that each child knows and understands that we are all different and can co-exist peacefully. We have different ways of thinking, a fact we embrace. In fulfilling this vision, Creative Beginnings Learning Center has formed relationships with charitable organizations within the community. We are proud to work closely with “Pennies for Patients”, “Trike-a-thon”and “Holiday of Giving”, just to name a few.


  • There are not enough compliments to give when it comes to Creative Beginnings! Starting with its appearance – bright, inviting, clean, and organized. The staff – more caring than imaginable. I don’t think any parent could want anything other than love and attention for their child and that is exactly what their staff provides. The atmosphere is positive and you know every day that your child is not only in great hands, but that they are learning every second of the day! Could not be any more pleased with how my son is cared for!

    – Xiomara B.

  • As parents of a single child, and as a couple without relatives in the area, Creative Beginnings has been both mentor and extended family. Thanks to your team and fantastic facility, Eli received the best of care. You helped teach him to walk, talk, color, paint, count, read, and even dance. Heck, by the time Mendi and I decided to potty train him, it was too late, Creative Beginnings had already completed the task. Just as importantly, your team’s attention to detail ensured Eli’s social development was a top priority.

    That you could have impressed us from start to finish – infant, toddler, preschool, kindergarten – is a testament to the professionalism and dedication to everyone on your staff. If we could do it all over again, we would. Creative Beginnings is the best! Thank you for everything!

    – Mendi and Dave H.

  • Our children attended CBLC for many years. The staff at CBLC has always been professional, loving to the children, and family to us. The price is average but the care far exceeds anything you will find anywhere else. Our children were very successful at CBLC and I truly feel they are better off for the experience they had during those important years. They still make us feel like family and that says so much about them. For five years, we saw low turnover, clean facilities, outstanding activities, and great progress in our children. It always makes me wonder how other centers can charge the same price but never come close to the quality of care and life at CBLC. Having our children attend CBLC was a privilege and gift for us as parents but most of all, our children.”

    – Tony R.

  • We visited many options around town along with where our places of employment are and through the grapevine, had always heard raves about Creative Beginnings Learning Center. We kept our minds open as we toured, visited, interviewed and checked out all of the other facilities. We were eagerly greeted and given an entire tour of the center. You could instantly feel their passion towards education and how it was going to benefit their students.

    – Bridget-Ann and Steven K.

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